Yeonjin Shin

Rookie developer ;D

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Yeonjin Shin

Hello, I'm a rookie developer with some experiences in node.js and C# and interests in web development. I'm currently in the undergraduate program of Computer Science and Engineering at Chung-Ang University. You can contact me via email.

Curriculum vitae

  • 2019 ~ now
    B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering (ABEEK-Accredited), In Progress
    Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • Major scholarships : Department Secondary Honor Scholarships since 2020 spring semester
  • 2021 ~ 2022 Serving military service (conscripted) at Republic of Korea Air Force since March 2021.

Skills and Language

  • JavaScript, C#, TypeScript : Intermediate level

Spoken Language

  • Korean : Native speaker
  • English : Intermediate level

Honours and Awards


  • 2019 ~ now ManhwaDure

    ManhwaDure is a cartoon club of Chung-Ang University Seoul Campus.
    I joined in the club in 2019 and created some cartoons and digital illustrations. In 2020, I was appointed vice president, and worked as vice president during the year.

  • 2019 ~ 2020 OSS Open source contribution

    Open source contribution is an activity held by National IT Industry Promotion Agency(a.k.a. NIPA). It consists of several projects with experienced mentors, and mentors help mentees make open source contributions via github.
    I participated in two projects, TimeCat in 2019, and HackaTalk in 2020. In 2019, while participating in TimeCat project, I had an experience of collaboration. In 2020, while participating in HackaTalk, I had an experience of using GraphQL.

Projects and Contributions

  • 2015 ~ 2019 NamuFix Javascript : An userscript to improve user experience of namuwiki
  • 2019 CAU Calendar ICS (GitHub) Javascript Node.js : Provides Acamedic calendar of CAU in iCalendar format
  • 2019 Personal RSS (GitHub) Javascript Node.js : RSS Provider of Naver, daum webtoons and CAU Dormitory/College Notices, made for personal purpose
  • 2019 ~ 2020 OSS Open Source Contributon
    • 2019 TimeCat C# : Open-source App usage collection and statistics solution, Contributed Data analysis and processing code in C#
    • 2020 HackaTalk TypeScript GraphQL : Open-source messaging application made with typescript and react native
  • 2020 ManhwaDure : Developed and maintained websites while working as vice president
    • Club Wiki Python : Using openNamu, Developed and improved some functionallities. You can search them on GitHub
    • SSO Service (Backend GitHub, Frontend GitHub) Typescript Node.js GraphQL Vue : Developed SSO and centralized user management system for the club, implementing OpenID Connect 1.0 Standard
    • Homepage (GitHub) TypeScript React : Homepage for introduction of club, consisted of many card-style fullscreen-size contents. Firebase was used for quick development at first, and currently it's written to use RESTful API.